MyWish launches ICOPool Smart Contract.

Yes,you heard right MyWish, a platform which helps in developing smart contract without the know-how of coding.

💠 Key Highlights of the ICOPool Smart Contract :-

➡️Zero Commission Fees.
➡️After an official deployment of an ICOpool no one has the right to change an address.
➡️Can work with/without KYC.
➡️An original code of every ICOpool Smart Contract is uploaded & verified on the Etherscan.
➡️ Decentralised  Smart Contract.
➡️ Cost of the smart contract is 2 ETH.

Why ICOPool Smart Contract ?

ICO investing is becoming increasingly difficult for very small investors.Angel Investors and Private pre-sale investors are enjoying all the added benefits of ICO’s. Small public sale investors are clearly facing the heat with minimal allocation/Airdrop and lack of discounts.ICOpools are emerging as alternate option for small investors. There exist several ICOpools  in current market. Most of them are non-trustless Pools. Investors are generally aware of the high risks involved with non-trustless Pools. MyWish is eliminating these risks by introducing Smart Contracts for ICOpools.

For more information:-

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