ETHOS unwraps ETHOS BEDROCK; a connecting link between Enterprise and Blockchain.

Fulfilling its mission to create democratic financial system ETHOS unwraps ETHOS BEDROCK, which is a High-performance Blockchain Financial Services Platform. By the launch of ETHOS BEDROCK, Blockchain and Cryptographic protocols can be used by financial institutions as easy as internet protocols. Financial institutions can easily create their own blockchain and crypto currency solutions.


Major Applications of ETHOS BEDROCK For Institutions:-

  • Digital Wallets
  • Fiat Gateways
  • Payments
  • Wealth Management
  • Exchanges
  • Custody

ETHOS BEDROCK utilise security proven platform such as BIP32,BIP39, and BIP44 that plays a important role in safekeeping digital assests through Ethos SmartKey Technology. BEDROCK also comes up with an abstraction layer which supports for multiple Blockchain and custom digital assests.

Bedrock includes structures that enable institutions to create their own crypto wallets, liquidity and custody services, as well as custom solutions for blockchain integration, alerts, identity and transaction monitoring.

Bedrock is powered by the ETHOS token which is designed to provide utility and access throughout the Ethos ecosystem. Bedrock business partners may utilize and stake the Ethos token to unlock access to the system, pay for the fees, and receive discounts.  A gas mechanism protects the network from resource greedy, malicious or inefficient applications and provides reduced fees, creating a win-win ecosystem that operates efficiently and cost-effectively while delivering benefits to both businesses and consumers.

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