All you need to know about the current ETF FUD

All you need to know about the current ETF FUD

All You need to Know about the Current ETF FUD

Bitcoin ETF’s is a hottest and the most controversial topic these days. We at Cryptojournalist are bringing point to point evaluation regarding the current status of the Bitcoin ETF by SEC, USA.

What is ETF ?

An ETF is a type of fund/money that owns the any of the assests like (shares of stock, bonds, oil futures, gold bars,silver bars, foreign currency or anything which can be classified into assests) and divides ownership of those assets into respective shares.

SEC [Security and Exchange Commission] of America recieved application for ETF from the following entities :-
🔶Awaiting Approval (Expecting on September 21,2018)🔶
Direxion Asset Management.
NYSE [New York Stock Exchange] to be traded on CBOE or CME.
CBOE filed by VanEcks and SolidX.

🔴Application Rejected🔴
Winklevoss brother’s application was rejected.

D-DAY 11 Sept! Future of Crypto in India

D-DAY 11 Sept! Future of Crypto in India

Future of Crypto in India …

Cryptocurrency has been controversial in INDIA since the Judgement of Supreme Court of India on April,2018 ; which has sought a interim ban on the bank accounts of Indian Crypto Exchanges.

Finance Minister of India have repeatedly asserted in Parliament that a team is already studying the ways to regulate cryptocurrencies. When talking to a senior officer at RBI one of the party in the case, who refused to disclose his identity told us that the draft is in final phase and to be patient for regulations because Government  wants to keep a check on Black Money and provide security to the investors although it would attract taxation. Furthermore he added that even Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is highly positive for the Blockchain technology and he have asserted in some of his rallies as well. Digital India is a  Flagship program of Prime Minister and a committee is already appointment to check the benefits of Blockchain Technology .but people often mixes Blockchain and Bitcoin!
Crypto is going to be legalized sooner or later in India.
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