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Under the leadership of Justin Sun; Bachelor of Arts degree at Peking University and went on to study for a master’s degree in Arts and Political economy at University of Pennsylvania. Founder of Peiwo App of China’s largest audio content late 2013 he joined Ripple, where he served as chief representative and advisor of Greater China Region of Ripple.

ICO Price

0.0019 USD (38 Satoshi approximately during that time) September,2017.

What does Tron(TRX) plan to do ?

TRX is on the mission to make a free and  decentralised web,where only the user controls their data and no censorship on data and making a content ecosystem where user can obtain digital assests(TRX) for spreading contents. There are 6 important milestones of this highly ambitious project. 1. Exodus P2P of distribution and storage of content 2. Odyssey Digital Incentives(TRX) to encourage content creation. 3. Great Voyage Individual ICO Capability. 4. Apollo Content producers can issue their personal tokens on TRX platform same as par of ETH. 5.Star Trek Decentralized Gaming platform. 6. Eternity Fund raising and finance the community growth.

Major Partners :-

– BitTorrent and UTorrent. – Uplive – Peiwo – Baofeng – – oBike – GIFTO – vSport – PornHub – Bitmain – F2Pool – FBG Capital – GRAVITYLESS – Openledger

Positive Aspects:-

– Strong Team. – Huge and Supportive community. – Huge user base. – One of the Top 10 Crypto.

Negative Aspects:-

– Many Projects involved in the making of sub-projects of Tron.

Price check:-

– ATH [All Time High] – 2047 Satoshi – ATL [ All Time Low] –  16 Satoshi Tron has one of the most active team in the crypto world and seems commited as well. The challenges they have is there are a immense competition in making the web decentralized. Let’s see how it goes in future……….

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