NPXS : earlier was PXS which was swapped to 1 PXS to 1000
NPXS (PundiX) Blockchain-Based Point Of Sale Solution
ICO Price was 1 ETH : 500 PXS.

ERC-20 Token.
Under the leadership of Zac Cheah; former W3C Chair of HTML5 Interest Group,alongwith 12 years of experience in tech in browser and mobile gaming market.



We want to make using cryptocurrency as easy as getting bottled water. At Pundi X, we seek to bring cryptocurrency to the next billion users and will help increase the value of cryptocurrency for all.

What does PundiX do ?


The team as of now makes their own POS (Point of Sale) device called XPOS and distributes the cards called XPASS Cards, which can only be used with XPOS(their own device) until PundiX secures partnership with any major payment companies or banks to make it usable anywhere except XPOS. Team has plans to integrate VISA/MASTERCARD payments in XPOS Handy and XPOS Desk which are still in development and would only come up if the company partners with any bank or major payment companies which is yet to come!


Price of XPOS and XPASS Cards?

PundiX Revenue

PundiX charges 1% fees of the total amount for every transaction in which 65% of the 1% goes to Merchant and the rest 35% of the 1% goes to PundiX.

For Eg. If any XPASS holder buys good worth of 100$. He needs to pay 101$. Out of which 0.65$ goes to Merchant and the rest 0.35$ goes to PundiX.


Major Partnerships

M-Bayar of Indonesia.
FAMA GROUP Restaurant, Hong Kong.
Swiss company U-Trust to deploy 1000 XPOS device.
NEM XPOS to come up with 20,000 XPOS machine and 10% fees to be utilised in NPXS token.


Price Stats 

  • ATH [All Time High] – 237 Satoshi
  • ATL [All Time Low] – 23 Satoshi

Positive Aspects


  • Making Crypto Spendable with cards.
  • Hard Working Team.
  • Huge and Supportive community.
  • NEM and OMG having a significant interest.
  • 100% Revenue Burning.
  • XPOS and XPASS Cards payments to be done in NPXS.

Negative Aspects


  • Huge Supply.
  • Airdrops.
  • Competition gets worse if Monaco,TenX etc starts their operation.

PundiX can make some great strides if the Crypto payments sees a boom,but if TenX resumes it’s operation again people would definitely focus on the payments which can be accepted anywhere with VISA. As no customer would be happy to pay 1% as fees with the fees. Still there is a lot more to come and PundiX is gonna be here all the time………….

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